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Books that garner incredible buzz and even bigger sales can be timeless, making them relevant to a new generation of readers.

Blogger and creator of the First Coast Connect Book Club, Stacey Goldring, shared some "it" books for this holiday season that would make perfect gifts for all types of readers.

Atlas Shrugged (1957)

Authors Dale C. Carson and Wes Denham

Each year, around 9.7 percent of Jacksonville's adult population is arrested and put in jail for at least one night, according to local attorney and former FBI agent Dale Carson. 

As a result, Jacksonville has the highest arrest record in the United States.

Human or Humane? "Space Race I: Solar Flare" Book Review

Sep 11, 2013
Del Herring

Humanity’s future lies in space. Unfortunately, that future is dominated by a multinational enterprise with its own cavalcade of indentured female servants, called ‘loxies’.

In his science fiction adventure novel, Space Race I: Solar Flare, writer Del Herring spells out a wonderfully graphic and dystopian future of servility ruled by an autocratic corporation.