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Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis says he has lost confidence in the state’s top financial regulator and has an interim replacement in mind.

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Nearly one in five Florida residents have unclaimed property or money sitting in accounts, said the state’s Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis in a release Tuesday.

He said the Florida Division of Unclaimed property returned $313 million worth of money and property over the last 12 months, which is the highest amount ever returned in a single year.

Florida Democratic Party officials say they won’t rule out naming another challenger to state Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater in the wake of the party’s prohibitive nominee dropping out of the race. The party is searching for a replacement for Allie Braswell Jr., who stepped away from the race just days after entering it.

Last Thursday, the Central Florida Urban League President announced he’d mount a 2014 challenge to incumbent Florida CFO Atwater.