Florida House Bill

Maggie Bartlett, NHGRI / WIkimedia Commons

A bill that would bar life insurances companies from using genetic tests to determine coverage is inching closer to passing the Florida Legislature.


A Jacksonville state lawmaker is pushing legislation to eliminate local government’s ability to impose affordable housing mandates on developers.

Erik Christensen / Creative Commons

A Jacksonville state lawmaker is pushing to expand a program that helps patients without traditional health insurance directly pay healthcare providers.  


Jason Fischer / Florida House

With self-driving technology growing increasingly common, two state lawmakers want to revamp the rules of the road to prepare for autonomous cars.

ep_jhu / Flickr

Some hospice and palliative doctors are seeking a drug database exemption for terminally ill patients.

Jacksonville LGBT advocates are concerned about a bill making its way through the Florida House.

Florida House Bill 17, sponsored by Palm Bay Republican Randy Fine, would repeal local business regulations not specifically authorized by state law.