i'm a s.t.a.r. foundation

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A group of Jacksonville teens are hoping their new produce stand will make bus riders healthier.

Students with the leadership nonprofit I’m a Star Foundation will be selling fresh fruit and veggies at downtown’s Rosa Parks Transit Station.


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Duval County health officials are launching a campaign aimed at stemming childhood obesity.

The county has had mild success reducing the rate among young kids, but the number of overweight teens — especially in the urban core — continues to climb.

I'm a Star Foundation

A couple dozen Jacksonville kids will travel to Washington D.C. this weekend to present their plan for combating childhood obesity to the U.S. Surgeon General.

The students range from 11 to 18 years old and are part of the “I’m a Star Foundation.”

Executive Director of the foundation Betty Burney says the kids have two goals.

fruit and veggie stand
I'm A Star Foundation

Jacksonville is one of six U.S. cities receiving grants to help fight childhood obesity. The award money will go toward building healthy food stores in so-called food deserts, among other projects. 

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The Duval County Health Department sees obesity as the biggest threat to having a vibrant and healthy community.

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Dozens of Duval County school administrators were shocked recently to find that their salaries had been reduced by as much as $24,000 per position.

The reduced salaries were a result of the decision by Duval County Public Schools to remove a special provision approved in 2010 that resulted in some school principals and assistant principals making substantially more than others in similar positions across the district.

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