R.L. Gundy

Jacksonville Pastor Appeals Order Ending His Lawsuit Over City Council Muting

Apr 21, 2021
Jacksonville's City Hall in Downtown Jacksonville.
Sky Lebron / WJCT News

A Jacksonville pastor’s attorney is appealing a federal judge’s decision ending his lawsuit about his microphone being turned off as he delivered an invocation at a City Council meeting.

Ryan Benk / WJCT News

A few Jacksonville black religious leaders are questioning the integrity of Duval County’s election process.

That’s after more than 4,000 voters in Mandarin received registration cards in September with the incorrect polling place printed on them.

Three years ago, Reverend R.L. Gundy of Mt. Sinai Baptist Church was a vocal opponent of updating Jacksonville’s anti-discrimination law to cover lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. 

But now, Gundy has changed his mind, saying it's time to "move the city forward." And he has joined a coalition of about 50 local faith leaders in support of updating the human rights ordinance.

We speak with Reverend R.L. Gundy about his change of position.

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