05/17/16: Bullying Prevention; Teri Youmans Grimm; Barefoot Running And Improved Working Memory

May 17, 2016

Bullying Prevention

To combat bullying in the Duval County Public Schools, all educators, faculty and frontline workers have undergone comprehensive training to ensure they could identify signs of bullying and know how to stop it.

Brian Giles, K-12 regional vice president of Chartwells, and Michael Mcauley executive director of Student Discipline Support for the Duval County School Board, join us to discuss efforts to prevent bullying in local schools.

Teri Youmans Grimm

It’s the provocative story of the fall and rise of a beautiful silent film star, told through poetry.

In her new book, Becoming Lyla Dore, author Teri Youmans Grimm follow's a young woman's coming of age in front of a camera, and how she both exploited and was exploited by that gaze.

We speak with Grimm about the volume, and its tie to Jacksonville's silent film past.

Barefoot Running

Running barefoot is better than running with shoes for your working memory, according to a new study published by researchers at the University of North Florida.

Dr. Ross Alloway, lead researcher, and Dr. Tracy Alloway, associate professor, both from the Department of Psychology at UNF, join us with more about the link between running barefoot and better cognitive performance.