Jacksonville Judge Denies Racism Allegations, Asks For Hearing

Aug 9, 2016

Hulsey speaks in a 2010 campaign video.

A Jacksonville circuit judge up for re-election is flatly denying accusations of inappropriate conduct leveled at him before the state Supreme Court.

Judge Mark Hulsey is also calling for a hearing to tell his side of the story.

Last month, the state Judicial Qualifications Commission said Hulsey made racist and sexist remarks at the office, including the comment that blacks should “get back on a ship and go back to Africa.” The panel also accused Hulsey of interfering with their investigation by coaching his staff attorney what to tell them.

But in a response filed Monday, Hulsey denies those charges and all others.

The judge is also requesting an investigation into what he calls a “breach” that led to “widespread knowledge” of the allegations before formal charges were filed.

A protest against Hulsey’s alleged racism was held outside the courthouse a month before investigators filed their report.