Jaguars' April Fools' Joke Gets Big Fan Response, National Attention

Apr 2, 2018

The Jacksonville Jaguars are getting some national attention for an April Fools' Day joke.

On Sunday the team posted a tweet made to look like a mistake that read, “Reminder to update this copy before April 19 jersey launch – DO NOT POST.”

It showed a “new” Jaguars uniform.

That in turn triggered a tweetstorm, with many fans saying they liked the new uniforms.  Here’s a small sampling of the tweets:

NPR's Morning Edition also picked up the story saying, with host Steve Inskeep saying, “Remember Kurt Vonnegut’s advice, ‘Remember what you pretend to be,’” going on to point out the Jaguars now face “real pressure because the team is supposed to unveil new uniforms this month.”

Shortly after the joke tweet, the Jaguars posted another tweet letting everyone in on the joke and inviting them to enter for a chance to see the real new uniforms before they are unveiled to the public.

The uniforms will be unveiled on April 19 as part of the team’s annual State of the Franchise event, where it’s also expected the team will provide updates on plans to turn Lot J into an entertainment district and redevelop the Shipyards, in addition to news about the upcoming season and revenue outlook.

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