JAX Chamber PAC Endorses Marco Rubio for Senate

Jul 28, 2016

US Chamber of Commerce and a PAC associated with JAX Chamber endorsed incumbent Senator Marco Rubio for reelection.
Credit Pressly Pratt

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and a federal political action committee associated with the JAX Chamber are endorsing incumbent Republican Senator Marco Rubio for re-election.

In Jacksonville Thursday, Rubio said the endorsement implies the support of workers along with business owners.

“When you’re helping the Chamber of Commerce you’re not just helping the owners of these businesses, you’re helping the hundreds of thousands of employees of these businesses. And I say that to you as the son of immigrants from Cuba whose parents were always employed,” Rubio said.    

Rubio is leading heavily in polls of likely Republican voters. But he said he doesn’t want to seem overly confident, as races in Florida tend to be tight, especially in presidential election years.