New Florida Law Aims To Rein In Power Of HOAs

Jul 15, 2013


 If you live in a community with an HOA (homeowner's association) you're like millions of other Floridians.

For years, some homeowners have chafed at what they call the "dictatorships" in these HOA organizations, which manage everything from neighborhood fees to building restrictions to what you can plant in your yard.

A new law went into effect July 1st in Florida that reins in the power of HOAs.

Jacksonville attorney Mike Jorgensen, managing partner at Senior Counsel, says the groups will have to register with the state's Department of Business and Professional Regulation, and also work under stricter oversight.

"You'll see the type of governance people in the corporate and nonprofit worlds are used to," says Jorgensen.

Listen to our full conversation with Jorgensen for more about how this law could affect you: