UNF Poll Shows Trump Still Leads In Florida, But Margin Shrinking

Oct 19, 2015

Donald Trump leads the Republican field in Florida according to a new UNF poll, but that lead is shrinking. Ben Carson and Trump are neck and neck.
Credit Gage Skidmore / Creative Commons

Donald Trump is still leading the pack of Republican candidates for president in Florida. That’s according to a new University of North Florida poll of likely GOP voters.

UNF Professor Michael Binder says the survey focused on people who voted in the last congressional election.

“Because this is about the Republican primary election we thought it would be more useful to talk to people that are likely to be Republican voters in March,” Binder says. “Not necessarily all Floridians or all Republicans.”

Binder says that means the poll results skew whiter and older than the Republican Party as a whole.

He also said although real estate mogul Trump is leading, it’s by a smaller margin than before.

Twenty-one percent of likely Republican voters would choose Trump, followed by Ben Carson with 19 percent and Marco Rubio with 14 percent. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is a far fourth with only 9 percent of the vote.

The new poll comes less than a week before Trump holds a rally at the Jacksonville Landing.

UNF will release a poll of likely Democratic voters next week.