Closing the Loop

Closing The Loop: 'Closing My Own Loop'

Jun 24, 2016
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After five years and roughly 200 interviews, this is the final installment of Closing the Loop.

In this segment, Warren Miller, the program's creator, is the show's final guest. Kathy Sherwood interviews Miller.

Warren Miller

Jeff Campbell was born in New York, but his family moved to Arizona when he was a teenager.

That’s where he learned to fly.


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Mike Taylor is a homebuilder and contractor who’s originally from Atlanta. He came here in 1998 to help develop Palencia and currently calls Jacksonville his home.

Warren Miller

Marlo Zarka was trained as a horticulturalist. But quickly, her career of growing plants transformed into one of "growing people."


Warren Miller

Cameron Stewart is a big man. He played high school sports. He served as in the Marine medic corps in Afghanistan and Iraq. But after he was left with crippling back pain, he became a chiropractor — and his greatest professional talent may be empathy.