hurricane irma

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Hurricane victims don’t have to repair their homes or find new places to live alone. Hurricane Irma survivors in Florida who are getting FEMA help have many federal and state resources available to further support their recovery.

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Two San Marco restaurants that were badly damaged Hurricane Irma are reopening this Thursday, Feb. 8, nearly five months after the St. Johns River flooded the Jacksonville neighborhood.

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After being closed for four months and undergoing a major renovation following Hurricane Irma's devastating blow, Bistro Aix will reopening on February 8.

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Florida Governor Rick Scott is directing the Transportation Department to implement new hurricane-evacuation and fuel-supply plans, including increasing emergency gas storage.

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Jacksonville home owners who’ve had electrical work done or put on new roofs because of damage from Hurricane Irma could be eligible for a permit fee reimbursement. The city is offering refunds and the deadline to collect them is being pushed back.       

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State agencies spent $680.2 million after Hurricane Irma, with county government costs exceeding $1 billion, according to a draft of a report by the House Select Committee on Hurricane Response and Preparedness.

North Florida Land Trust

Homes along Black Creek in Clay County were among some of the hardest hit by the flooding that followed Hurricane Irma. 

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If you need health insurance through the Affordable Care Act you still have a few days to enroll.

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As the state House plows through a long and potentially expensive menu of options to recover from Hurricane Irma and brace for Florida's next hurricane, Senate President Joe Negron is confident the storm that walloped the state in September won't blow a hole in the upcoming budget.

Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens

Jacksonville’s Bold City Brewery is preparing a beer inspired by the Cummer Museum’s gardens, and planning to give the museum a portion of the sales for garden restoration.

The name of the beer: Avant Gardener.

Federal Disaster Relief Package Would Help Florida's Citrus Industry

Dec 19, 2017
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Florida's storm-battered citrus growers are closer to landing federal relief sought since Hurricane Irma devastated large parts of the state's agriculture industry in September.

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Florida agriculture leaders say the latest projected decline in citrus production underscores a dire need for federal disaster relief after Hurricane Irma.

Citizens Property Insurance Gets Approval For Rate Hikes

Dec 7, 2017

State regulators have approved a series of rate increases for Citizens Property Insurance customers, now that a 90-day rate freeze due to Hurricane Irma has been lifted.

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More than 2,000 vessels damaged or grounded by Hurricane Irma have been removed from state waters since the September storm, the U.S. Coast Guard announced Monday.


The Federal Emergency Management Agency is hiring people to help with Hurricane Irma disaster recovery work in Southeast Georgia