News stories that impact the state of Florida.

Office of Governor Rick Scott

County supervisors of elections will see their salaries rise, under a bill signed into law Wednesday by Gov. Rick Scott.

Planned Parenthood clinic in Jacksonville
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TALLAHASSEE — Citing a new abortion law signed by Gov. Rick Scott, the state Agency for Health Care Administration has dismissed cases alleging that three Planned Parenthood clinics performed second-trimester abortions without proper licenses.,creative commons

A report released earlier this month by U.S. News & World Report lists the best 100 places to live in America based on factors such as job market, cost of living and average temperatures.

And the best region in the country, according to business website Business Insider, is the South

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Ryan Backmann doesn’t know who killed his father.

His dad, Clifford Backmann, 56, was a construction worker. He was working a side job in the middle of the day six years ago when it happened.

“Detectives think that a random person was crossing through the parking lot, saw my dad in there by himself and he walked in. My dad was vacuuming up drywall dust, (the person) put the gun in his back, pulled the trigger and reached in and pulled the wallet out of my dad’s back pocket,” he said.


bear sleeping
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TALLAHASSEE — Florida has a "robust" and growing bear population, according to the latest state estimate.

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TALLAHASSEE — For the second week in a row, Florida Supreme Court justices have ruled against the tobacco industry's attempts to fend off costly lawsuits about illnesses and deaths linked to smoking.

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TALLAHASSEE — In the waning hours of the 2016 legislative session, Florida lawmakers Friday approved wide-ranging reforms to the state's mental-health and substance-abuse treatment systems.

Florida Everglades plants and water
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TALLAHASSEE — The House accepted a long-term Senate proposal to sink more than $250 million a year into Everglades restoration, the state's natural springs and Lake Apopka, as the Legislature concluded its regular session Friday.

State of Florida

TALLAHASSEE -- The state's new $82.3 billion budget, approved by lawmakers Friday, isn't all about the big expenses of government, such as education, health care, law enforcement and transportation.

Rick Scott in Jacksonville
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Gov. Rick Scott on Wednesday signed nine bills, including a high-profile measure requiring local law-enforcement agencies to submit "rape kits" to be tested and another allowing the creation of a needle-exchange program in Miami-Dade County.

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TALLAHASSEE -- A federal judge has struck down county commission districts in a rural North Florida county -- a potentially precedent-setting decision that could play into a challenge of the state's congressional lines.

Gun rights advocates say they could gain more from a pending Florida Supreme Court case than controversial open-carry legislation that failed this year.

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Florida voters could potentially decide on  five proposed constitutional amendments this year.

Three of them will appear on the November ballot, and two others are awaiting approval from the governor and Florida Supreme Court.

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Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry says he’s thrilled with nearly $1.9 million dollars in state funding the Legislature approved for Jacksonville. He says the city’s top priorities are being funded.

Curry campaigned on public safety and neighborhood improvement, which is why he says the recent state appropriations are a win.


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Florida Gov. Rick Scott vetoed more than $250 million in the state budget this week, including $50,000 that would have helped create a statewide cold case task force.