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2016 Elections

Duval Poll Workers Stationed At Misprinted Incorrect Polling Location To Direct Voters

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A Duval County election supervisor’s mistake led to more than 4,000 voters in Mandarin being mailed registration cards in September with the wrong address on them.

Poll workers are stationed at the misprinted location Tuesday to direct voters to the correct place.

Most of Jacksonville’s polling places are in privately owned buildings, like churches. When two churches changed ownership this year in Mandarin’s District 602, the county had to find a new polling place twice: once before the August primary and again before the general.

Chief Elections Officer Robert Phillips says in September, registration cards were mistakenly mailed to the precinct’s 4,300 voters that still contained the location from the August primary.

“I made a mistake,” Phillips said.

After he realized the error, he says, he mailed out new cards in September with the correct location: River City Science Academy at 10911Old St. Augustine Road. The correct address was also printed on sample ballots sent out in that precinct, and the location is correct, as of Tuesday, on the election supervisor’s website.