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Berkman II implosion now set for March 6. Really.

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Jacksonville Daily Record
The implosion of the Berkman II building is now set for March 6.

The much-delayed demolition of the Berkman II building downtown is now set for March 6, according to the mayor.

In a tweet labeled "BREAKING," Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry said the building will be imploded at 10 a.m. that Sunday.

The City Council voted in January to spend $1.2 million to bring down the building, which has blotted the downtown riverfront since 2007, when a construction accident killed a worker and injured more than 20 others at the site. 

The demolition has already been postponed three times. Contractors said they would pull out of the demolition project because the private owner, Jacksonville Riverfront Revitalization, hadn’t paid up for the implosion.

Council approved the spending measure without public input or the usual committee process. City general counsel Jason Teal said the action was necessary because the building at 500 E. Bay St. is a public safety hazard.

Legislation authorizing the implosion characterized the Berkman II as "an immediate threat to the life, safety and welfare of property and citizens located near and around the structure."

Curry said no further delays are expected, but reaction to his tweet was skeptical.

"I bet it's still standing on March 7," one person wrote. Said another: "Another Lenny Lawn, coming soon to downtown Jacksonville."

Many took issue with spending over a million dollars to demolish a building when curbside recycling is still suspended.

"BREAKING: Jacksonville still does not have recycling pickup," one person tweeted.