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Creator Series- Yvonne Lozano

Creator Series
Yvonne Lozano

This week during the Creator Series, we met with Yvonne Lozano and spoke to her about her One Spark project I.M. JAX.

Each week we'll highlight a local artist from Jacksonville that will be participating in the crowd funding festival April 17-21 in Downtown Jacksonville at various places around the city.

Yvonne Lozano is a local artist that wants to bring her work to the people. She wants to incorporate art and social media to help get to know the individual people in the community.

Her project I.M. JAX is a collection of artistic silhouettes placed around the city.

Credit Yvonne Lozano
Artistic Silhouettes placed around the Main Library with QR Codes
Credit Yvonne Lozano
I.M. JAX Silhouettes

Lozano Says, "Its not about who the person is, its more about what embodies them."

She will place a QR code on the images to find out more information about the people represented in the silhouette. You can use your smartphone to scan the barcode that will take you to an in depth description about that person. 

Lozano wants the individual to be recognized through this project. She says that everyone does something special to contribute to the city.

Lozano will have her project on display in the skyway in Hemming Plaza during One Spark.