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Electro Lounge host and WJCT's resident pop culture junkie David Luckin is always on the lookout for interesting music, art and historical tidbits on the web. Check out some of his findings below on The Electro Blog.

Paris Trying To Be Nicer To Tourists

Paris Tourist

The Connexion, an English-language French newspaper, is reporting that Paris tourist chiefs plan to "start being nice to our tourists."

According to the story, city officials are trying to rid the city of its reputation for "being rude, overbearing, unpleasant and aggressive – not to mention a little prone to conning tourists."

"Now the city’s chamber of commerce and the regional tourism committee have launched a guide for workers who are likely to come into contact with tourists – in the hope of improving the welcome," it continues.

Read more about this on The Connexion's website.

An if you're planning a trip to Paris, check's list of the best things to do in the City of Light.


David Luckin joined WJCT as a development producer in 2000, bringing with him 19 years’ experience as a Jacksonville news photographer and a lifelong passion for music. The New York native hosted his first local music program at Gainesville’s NPR affiliate while earning his degree at the University of Florida.