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SLIDESHOW: Abstract Exhibit To Open At MOCA Jacksonville

The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Jacksonville will present a new exhibition of abstract paintings next week. The exhibition is called "Abstraction over Time" and features the work of Michael Goldberg.

According to MOCA director Marcelle Polednik, this is the only exhibition to display the entire span of Goldberg’s work.

“It really does show the major accomplishments and achievements of his entire career,” she said.

Instead of lush landscapes or realistic portraits, Goldberg’s work is a collision of color and brush strokes.

Polednilk encouraged people who may not be familiar with abstract art to at least give it a chance, calling the Goldberg exhibit a "great entry point."

“I think it’s more approachable than a number of other exhibitions of abstraction might be,” she said. 

The 38 piece exhibition will be on display at MOCA Jacksonville September 21 - January 5.