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CoRK Displays Haikus // At Gallery Opening // As Visual Art

What is a haiku? 
It's a Japanese poem, 
with seventeen beats.

The first verse has five, 
the second verse gets seven 
and the third has five.

At first, the poems 
described nature and beauty 
with vivid language.

Many poets still 
communicate artistry. 
Others just make beats.

At CoRK they will hang 
haikus from artists in Jax 
screen printed on white. 

"It is a very 
simple piece of poetry," 
the host, Keith Marks, said. 

“The aesthetic of 
the show is clean and simple — 
intimate with words."

"We tried to carry 
haiku's simplicity to 
the show's aesthetic" 

Saturday at six, 
twenty artists' poems will 
be shown at CoRK West

Ray Hollister can be reached at, 904-358-6341 or on Twitter at @rayhollister.