Ray Hollister

Co-Host, "Deemable Tech"

Ray’s love for radio and technology lead him to volunteer at WJCT 89.9 FM in 2011. After volunteering during WJCT’s "First Coast Connect" for several months, he asked if he could record a show about technology. Thus "Deemable Tech" was born.

Transplanted from Hollisterville, Pennsylvania, when he was less than 2 years old, Ray Hollister has lived in Jacksonville for almost his entire life. Ray graduated from Douglas Anderson School of the Arts as a vocal arts major, and he was an Internet services technology major at Florida State College at Jacksonville.

Ray enjoys reading about the latest gadgets and new apps, spending time with his kids, and talking about himself in the third person. 

Steve writes, “When I’m on the internet, I constantly see things pop up on the screen that say ‘Check for malware now’ or ‘You’re missing drivers, click to update.’ Should I click on it? The way things are nowadays, I’m afraid to try!” 

Don’t click on it, Steve! What you’re seeing is a pop-up ad designed to trick you into visiting a spam website or downloading harmful malware. 

Tap Call

Norma writes, "How do you stop receiving an automated text message? When I got my new phone I started receiving messages from a store telling me about their specials. I've tried visiting the website and 'unsubscribing' but that didn't work. "

We feel you, Norma. Like junk mail and spam email, unsolicited text messages are the bane of our existence. Luckily there are ways to stop them.


  Joan writes, “I’m running Windows 7 on my laptop, and for the past five months I’ve had a request pending to get the upgrade to Windows 10. Am I supposed to just keep waiting patiently, or is there something else I’m supposed to do?”

Today we have not one but two related questions from different listeners.

Lenny writes, “Last week I received a call from a guy who said he was from Microsoft. He said they had detected that my computer was having problems. To prove it, he told me how to open my Windows log file, and when I did it was full of errors. So I paid him to fix all the problems and scan for viruses. Now I’m wondering if that was really a good idea.”

Sandra sends us a similar story. She says: “I was checking my email and all of a sudden windows started giving me an error message which said it had a virus. It included a phone number. I called the number and a man connected to my computer and fixed it. But now my computer runs slowly and this guy charged me a lot of money. Have I been hacked?” 

Florida Lottery / Ray Hollister

The old saying goes, "Somebody has to win. It might as well be you." But if you were the owner of one of the over 440 million tickets that didn't win the Powerball grand prize this weekend, you may be coming to understand how untrue that saying is.

Misbehave / Flickr

Thurman writes, "I have a hard drive that was removed from my old computer before I got rid of it. It has some pictures on it that I don't have stored anywhere else and some of my old tax returns. Is there anything I can do with it, or is it just a hunk of junk? And, should I be concerned about other people getting into it if I throw it out?" 

You can definitely make use of that old hard drive, and you can get those pictures and tax returns off of it too! 

Update (Dec. 13): Police found Donald Asmus Friday evening at a Jacksonville gas station after he called his wife from it. He was unharmed.

The original story is below:

A Silver Alert has been issued for a St. Johns County man.

Donald Asmus, a 65-year-old, white male with salt and pepper hair and brown eyes, was seen last wearing a green Polo shirt and jeans when he left his Ponte Vedra Beach home.

Asmus was driving a 2013 Lexus GS 350 with a Florida license plate CYX A83.


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This episode is a "scream." In this episode, Ray walks through the process of recording a difficult line of the play that has a lot of dynamic range, and how through the magic of editing, we can put the pieces together to find the right sound. "Stop" what you're doing and take a listen, but be warned, you might want to turn your headphones down a bit. 

Ray Hollister / WJCT News

The Jacksonville City Council will begin considering a bill next Tuesday that could limit when and where food trucks can operate.

Councilman Reggie Brown is introducing the bill, which if passed, would amend the city ordinance so that food trucks would not be allowed to operate within 50 feet of a brick-and-mortar business unless the brick-and-mortar business gives the mobile business written consent.

We discuss the week's top news stories with our roundtable of local journalists: Tonyaa Weathersbee, columnist for The Florida Times-Union; A.G. Gancarski, reporter for Florida Politics; John Burr, business analyst for WJCT and Fred Matthews, blogger for Examiner.

Topics include the latest gas leak at Eureka Garden Apartments, controversy over Duval County’s program for dyslexic students and a local push to get Medicaid expansion on the 2016 ballot in Florida.

Anthony Hodge / Norman Studios

Norman Studios in Arlington is going to be nominated next week in Washington D.C. to become a National Landmark. Jacksonville historian and Norman Studios Spokeswoman Rita Reagan made an appearance on WJCT’s “First Coast Connect” on Thursday to share the history of the studio and what people can do to help the cause.

Florida's Children First, a nonprofit organization that works to raise awareness about issues related to the rights of at-risk children, especially those in foster care. FCF is holding a special event tonight to honor champions for children's rights. Executive Director Christine Spudeas joins us in studio with more. 

Norman Silent Film Studios is already listed on the National Register of Historic Places, but now it has a chance to become a National Landmark. The nomination will be presented next week in Washington. Norman Studios Spokeswoman Rita Reagan is here to explain how this all came about, and how the public can help. 

State Attorney Angela Corey recently won two high-profile endorsements as she seeks re-election from former Sheriff John Rutherford and Property Appraiser Jerry Holland. Corey’s fundraising also far outpaces her challenger in the race former Assistant State Attorney Wes White.

White has criticized Corey for her handling of several high-profile cases and for the way the 4th Judicial Circuit handles juvenile offenders, among other things. White was recently a guest on "First Coast Connect." 

This morning, State Attorney Corey joins us in studio to talk about her record and the campaign. 

On Nov. 18 and 19 Operation New Hope, the Ford Foundation and #Cut50 will host expert practitioners, government officials and thought leaders for a bipartisan summit on criminal justice reform and re-entry solutions for people leaving incarceration in Jacksonville. The summit will focus on re-entry solutions and on reducing recidivism through employment-based solutions. 

Kevin Gay, president and CEO of Operation New Hope, joined us to discuss the two-day summit being held at Hyatt Regency in downtown Jacksonville.


Steven Depolo / Flickr

Looking for something spooky to do this October? There are events all over the First Coast from special concerts from the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, corn crop mazes and trick-or-treating for kids and the kid-at-heart. Here is WJCT’s list of Halloween events in Northeast Florida.