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World Of Nations Festival Brings The Best From Around The Globe To Jacksonville

Jacksonville’s annual World of Nations Celebration is in full swing at Metropolitan Park through Sunday.

Representatives of 34 nations are at the festival this year eager to tell visitors the best thing about their countries.

Lordania Foreman says the best thing about Romania is how it takes influences from all of the people that have invaded it throughout history, including the Huns, the Tatars and the Turks.

Yi Rian says the best thing about China is the celebrations.

Ask Lynn Ketiv what the best thing about Syria, and she’ll tell you, “It’s the cradle of civilization. Everything we know today started in Syria: the first alphabet, the first musical note.”

Thrini Airnapali’s favorite thing about India is the healthy food like sal, masala and dhal.

When asked what Julia Rodriguez thought the best thing about Cuba was she said, “We love each other. We are good people, and we have good food!”

Meltam Altentash says culture and hospitality are the best things about Turkey.

Katherine Malooney says the best thing about Kenya is the wildlife. Malooney said, “We have all animals — giraffe, elephants, buffalos, crocodiles, zebras.”

When Denise Daly was asked what is the best thing about Jamaica, she said, “The beautiful girls, of course!”

Hard to argue with that.

Peter Haden is an award-winning investigative reporter and photographer currently working with The Center for Investigative Reporting. His stories are featured in media outlets around the world including NPR, CNN en Español, ECTV Ukraine, USA Today, Qatar Gulf Times, and the Malaysia Star.