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VIDEO: Jacksonville International Airport Gets Ready For Busy Travel Week

Kevin Meerschaert

As Jacksonville International Airport prepares for the busy Thanksgiving travel season, a new screening program should make it easier for some passengers to get through security.

The pre-check screening process is primarily to help frequent flyers.

The program began at JIA in mid-October and is now available at more than 100 airports around the country.

Those eligible go through a streamlined screening process; they don’t have to take off their shoes or take laptop computers out of their bags. Passengers who are more than 75-years-old are automatically eligible for the pre-check.  

TSA Security Director Ed Goodwin said other passengers can save a lot of time by making sure nothing prohibited is in their carry on luggage.

WATCH: Ed Goodwin shows off the pre-check security screening process

"You may have gone hunting, you may have all sorts of numerous things since the last time you flew." he said. "We have many, many passengers who get here and find items in their bags that are prohibited that they had no idea where in their bag."     

In the coming months the pre-check program is expected to be expanded and other passengers will be allowed to apply to participate.

Airport officials said if flying out of JIA this holiday you should plan to arrive at the security checkpoint one and a half hours prior to departure.

They also said it’s a good idea for passengers to check with their  airline about the status of their flight, because while Jacksonville may be having nice weather, your destination may not be.

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