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Business Brief: Young Entrepreneurs' Best Advice For Aspiring Business Owners

John Burr

Last week’s One Spark festival was more focused on business than partying, ending with a day-long seminar for entrepreneurs to network and get inspired.

In this “Business Brief,” analyst John Burr tells News Director Jessica Palombo what he learned at the conference.

Burr asked one question of three up-and-coming entrepreneurs: What’s your best piece of advice for someone who’s starting a business?

Here are their answers:  

1. Alex Sifakis of JWB Real Estate Capital:

“Get a mentor. When we started our business, we were lucky enough to meet two guys that were a little bit ahead of where we were, and when we had an issue, we could ask for their help, and it was instrumental in our success being able to push through those times when it got tough. And it will if you’re an entrepreneur.”

2.    Dane Grey of Elite Parking Services of America:

“Never choose your path out of fear and disguise it as practicality because all too often we take the conservative route in life because we don’t want to go after what our true dreams are. And when you look at it, you can fail even in a conservative approach.”

3. Chris Pepin of Magnanimous Consulting:

“We make terrible employees, but we’re hugely ambitious people, so you’re kind of forced into the leadership, so it’s sort of understanding that you want to live and operate a certain way. And I heard somebody else — I can’t quote their name because I can’t remember who they are — but ‘Entrepreneurs are the types of people who will work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40.’ ”

John Burr said he definitely fits that definition of “entrepreneur.”

“I think I’ve got the makings because, yeah, I am a hard person to supervise,” he said. “I kind of go my own way.”