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Vehicle Expo At UNF Rolls Out Alternative Fuel Options

Florida Alternative Fuel Vehicle Expo

The Florida Alternative Fuel Vehicle Expo will be at the University North Florida on October 31 to showcase a line of green technologies as part of North Florida Transportation Planning Organization's involvement in the Clean Cities Coalition.
Wanda Forrest, transportation planning manager for North Florida TPO, said the expo will feature vehicles that are powered with propane, electricity and natural gas rather than petroleum.
"It will be a wonderful opportunity for people to come and get educated on different fuel alternatives," Forrest said.
Also attending the event will be several expert guest speakers, including Neal Shinkre, St. Johns County Public Works Director and David Mizerowski, Clean Energy Regional Manager.
The speakers will address concerns and questions regaring new technologies and emissions, and offer advice to local business owners.
The Clean Cities Coalition is a program North Florida TPO is undertaking to reduce petroleum in the transportation sector by promoting alternative fuels. 
Some of the cars showcased are fully-electric, like the Nissan LEAF and the Tesla P85. Others, like the Chevy Volt, are gas/electric hybrids.
There will also be vehicles that run on compressed natural gas (CNG); a cheaper and cleaner fuel source.
Forrest said St. John's is using $730,000 in federal funding to convert 130 of its fleet vechicles to CNG.
"CNG is very good for solid waste vehicles," Forrest said.
The expo will take place at the Adam W. Herbert University Center, and is free for all to attend. It's an excellent opportunity to learn about cheaper and greener sources of fuel. 
You can get more info and register for the event at