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Halloween Party At Jax Casket Factory To Benefit Historic Hospital

Florida Casket Factory

The Casket Factory, a mysterious brick building on the edge of downtown Jacksonville long thought to be haunted, will be the site of what is being billed as the city's greatest Halloween party this Saturday, Oct. 26.

The event is a fundraiser to restore the old St. Luke's Hospital, a landmark built in 1878 and owned by the Jacksonville Historical Society.

The old hospital sits adjacent to the unassuming Casket Factory, a brick building constructed more than a century ago that local historian Dr. Wayne Wood said, “screams party.”

The party will include live bands, food from more than 15 local restaurants, and a “Totally Amazing Costume Contest” at midnight worth $1,000 in prizes. The sceond floor of the factory has been transformed into the frightening "Labyrinth of Terror" for the party.

The Molotov Cocktail Party, Jacksonville’s dynamic fire troupe, will also be bringing the heat with a live performance.

Wood said the historical society managed to salvage some of the factory’s original (empty) caskets when it closed, and promises to have them on display.

Event organizer Abigail Wright said representatives from the historical society will be bringing history to life through guided tours of Old St. Luke’s.

“They’re really knowledgeable about all the history there,” Wright said.

Wood said these buildings are not widely known by the public, and hopes to educate people regarding their historical value to Jacksonville.

Old St. Luke's and the Casket Factory are located at 314 Palmetto Street, next to the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena.

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