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SCLC Demonstrations A Possible Prelude To International Boycott Of Florida


Jacksonville is one of a number of Florida cities where the Southern Christian Leadership Conference will hold rallies Tuesday morning.

SCLC State President Reverend R. L. Gundy, said the purpose of the demonstrations is to tell lawmakers, in no uncertain terms, that things have to change.

“We’ve had enough of their mean-spirited legislation: voter suppression, Stand Your Ground law, immigration, Medicaid. We’re saying we’ve had enough of it," Gundy said.  "It’s no longer a tidal wave, it’s a tsunami.”

Gundy said if things don’t begin to change within a reasonable amount of time, the SCLC will call for an international boycott of Florida.

Today’s rally in Jacksonville starts at 9:30 a.m. in front of the Duval County Courthouse. Other demonstrations will be held outside the State Supreme Court building in Tallahassee and at Disney World in Orlando.

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