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With Permitting Issues Resolved, Springfield Main Street Cruise Back On

Historic Springfield Main Street Cruise

After some questions regarding permitting, this month’s Historic Main Street cruise in Springfield is back on thanks to the efforts of Mayor Alvin Brown's office.The event involves owners of classic cars driving up and down a 12-block stretch of Main Street to the admiring stares of onlookers and fellow car buffs.

Credit Steph Hamilton / Facebook
Cars cruise down Springfield's Main Street during the May 2014 Historic Springfield Main Street Cruise.

Cruise coordinator John Wells canceled the American Graffiti-styled event after he was told by the city that he would need a special events permit plus liability insurance and Port-A-Potties, among other things.
“I don’t believe you have to have a permit to drive up and down the street. And I don’t believe you have to have a permit to walk up and down the sidewalk. And that’s really all this is," Wells said. "It’s never been an organized event of any kind. People just show up."
As it turns out, you don’t need a permit.
Chris Hand, Mayor Alvin Brown’s chief of staff, says the confusion stemmed from the concert planned for the side parking lot of the Krystal restaurant at 10th and Main Street, and that it’s all been resolved.
“Parks is going to be providing a stage for the concert so they can put it on. And because the concert organizers have certified that there’s going to be less than 500 people, and because it’s on private property, a special events permit won’t be required for the concert,” Hand said.
The concert isn't the only thing that’s special about the June 28 cruise.

The 2014 Hemmings Motor News Great Race from Maine to Florida will be driving through town on the way to The Villages on the same day.

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