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One Spark Team Brings Back Lessons From Berlin

One Spark

The creators of One Spark are headed back to Jacksonville after wrapping up a successful event in Berlin.
One Spark START: Berlin, the very first international crowdfunding  festival, was Saturday, Sept. 13. Fifty participating creators presented their ideas to compete for votes and funding. Winners walked away with shares of the 10,000 euros crowdfund. 

With only 5,000 people in attendance, the event was much  smaller than the Jacksonville festival said One Spark CEO Elton Rivas.
"One thing that does stick out to us is the intimacy of an event that is smaller," he said. "Our team will work on different ways to try to create a similar type of atmosphere in a massive event over a longer time."
Rivas and his team are now focusing on the 2015 Jacksonville festival which is planned for next April downtown. Rivas expects more than 250,000 people to attend.
"In the lead-up to the event, we will also be talking with other cities around the world who are interested in One Spark START,” he said.