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Roosevelt Boulevard Drivers, Be Prepared To Start Stopping

traffic lights
Florida Department of Transportation

Drivers on Roosevelt Boulevard in Ortega will soon notice traffic signal changes that could add time to their commute. Lanes that used to have permanent green arrows will soon have red lights instead.

The light changes are all about safety, the Florida transportation department says. If you’ve driven north on Roosevelt in Ortega, you’ve seen the intersections where the left two lanes periodically stop while the right two lanes are continuously green. But traffic studies show that kind of arrangement leads to accidents because drivers on the left try to get over at the last second to avoid stopping. Now all four lanes will have the conventional stop-and-go lights.

Transportation officials say the new light pattern will also allow pedestrians and bicyclists to cross the road safely.

The affected intersections are at Long Bow Road, Ortega Forest Drive and the Roosevelt Square Mall entrance. The changes will be complete by Tuesday night.