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Generation W Profiles: Sheila Spivey

Sheila Spivey

Generation W Profiles is a series highlighting influential women.

Sheila Spivey is the director of the University of North Florida’s Women’s Center.

Spivey says she started out as a college student trying to figure out how she could utilize her educational experience in a way that help people. She says she wanted to give back to the community so she started volunteering at a rape crisis center and from there she became more involved in women’s issues and women’s rights.

This lead to Spivey being the director of the Women’s Center. Spivey says, “I have the opportunity to provide assistance to people who have been impacted by violence and also to highlight and celebrate the accomplishments of women.”

Spivey says what really makes her “tick” and “feel energized and alive” is knowing that she is providing people with tools and resources that they may not otherwise have access to. With those tools, she says they are able to use them to enhance their lives.

Spivey says, “So basically in a nutshell, empowering other people.”

Generation W Profiles are a collaboration between WJCT and the Generation W Women’s Leadership Conference.