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Friends Of The Jacksonville Public Library To Hold Warehouse Sale This Weekend

Gregory Todaro

The Friends of the Jacksonville Public Library is having a warehouse sale this weekend.

The non-profit is selling books, records, CDs and other donated items to raise money for the city’s public library.

There are tens of thousands of books lining the shelves and stacked on tables in the warehouse behind the University Park Branch Library.

Retired librarian Margaret Smith is now the treasurer of Friends of the Jacksonville Public Library. Walking through the group’s warehouse, she points out the vast collection of books for sale.

“We’ve got hardbacks, fiction and non-fiction,” she said. “Back here this is all the non-fiction. And you can see multiple copies of popular authors.”

But there are more than just books for sale here.

“We have books on CD which are a favorite of people riding around in their cars,” she said. “In fact, I always have on in my car, I’m sinking the Lusitania right now.”

There are offers like 2-for-1 deals for members, and non-members can pay the $10 membership fee at the door.”

But the most popular is the $10 bag deal; For $10, shoppers get to fill a brown grocery bag with as many books as possible. And, if you buy two bags, you get a third free.  

The sale starts Friday and lasts all day on Saturday. The $10 bag deal is Sunday afternoon.