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Arlington Redevelopment Plan Underway After Jacksonville City Council Approval


Arlington is in store for a total makeover now that the Jacksonville City Council has approved a redevelopment and renewal plan for the area.

The 70-plus page plan addresses issues like walkability, infrastructure and public safety. Councilman John Crescimbeni says he remembers Arlington at a different time.

“I think you’ve heard me talk about living in Arlington since 1965 when I moved here as a small boy with my family from Connecticut, and Arlington’s really gone through some significant changes over the years and I think there’s a great opportunity for it to rebound,” Crescimbeni said. “I think in 20 years we’ll all look back and say ‘Wow, this is Arlington’ because it won’t look anything in 20 years like it does today.”

The Renew Arlington plan received unanimous approval from city council members.

Refinements to the plan are expected to take a year.