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JCCI Asks, What's Jacksonville Residents' No. 1 Goal?


If Jacksonville could fix just one problem by the year 2025, what would it be?

That’s the question the Jacksonville Community Council is asking the public to answer in an online questionnaire, the JAX2025 Impact Goal Community Survey.

JCCI President Clayton Davis says it’s a follow-up to the JAX2025 visioning initiative that asked people what they wanted Jacksonville to look like in the future.

Their answer: an environmentally-friendly city with great schools, good neighborhoods and a vibrant arts-and-entertainment scene, where all people matter.

“What we’re doing now,” Davis says, “we’re trying to narrow the focus down to what is the key issue that will drive all the rest, that we can set a target on and say how far do we want to move the needle from today to 10 years out and hold ourselves accountable to it as a community.”

The new survey asks people to pick their priority from a list of 5 focus areas:

  • Make Jacksonville safer—reduce crime
  • Build a cohesive and inclusive community: races, religions, human rights
  • Increase economic opportunity and prosperity for all: poverty, family wealth, jobs
  • Make Jacksonville a destination city for talent, tourism and business: downtown, arts and      entertainment
  • Improve the quality of life in the northwest quadrant of Jacksonville: affordable housing, connectivity, cleanliness, safety

The deadline to complete the survey is January 18.
JCCI plans to announce the top JAX2025 Impact Goal in March.