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Know Your Polling Place? Many Change Locations In Duval

Voting sign


Several Duval County voting precincts are changing polling locations for the March 15 primary election.

Six of Duval’s 199 polling places are relocating.


Some locations decided to no longer be a polling location, like precinct 409’s, Terry Road Baptist Church. Voters there will now cast ballots at the Dean Road Church of Christ.  

Others are too small or have closed since the last election. Duval Supervisor of Elections Mike Hogan says an individual's voting location will be printed on his or her mailed-out sample ballot. Voters can also check

But Hogan says if someone does show up at a closed precinct, "We’re going to have people there to hand out a map to their new location in case they do show up there. So we’ll have someone there to direct them to the right place,” he says.

Early voters can use any of the city’s 18 sites. Those polls open Monday, Feb. 29.

Here's the full list of polling places that have changed locations since the last election: