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Generation W Profiles: Tina Lifford


In our Generation W Profiles series, we highlight influential women.

Tina Lifford is an actress, author, and founder of The Inner Fitness Project. You might know her from roles on “Scandal,” “Parenthood,” or several other television shows and movies.

Lifford says acting continues to be a passion even after being in show business for 25 years.

“The passion that I have for acting is equal to my passion that I have for my community building and life transforming project called the The Inner Fitness Project,” she says.

Lifford speaks about the project around the country.

Lifford says, “The Inner Fitness Project was birthed out of my desire to literally speak to inner fitness in a way that we now understand physical fitness in a well-understood, applicable way to healing and strengthening ourselves on the inside.”

She says she has always envisioned herself happy and joyful while doing what she loves.

“I discovered that the inner work was a part of that,” she says. “So now that I have the career, but I’ve also got the inner experience of myself that fully allows me to not just have success, but success and happiness.”

Generation W Profiles are a collaboration between WJCT and the Generation W Women’s Leadership Conference.

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