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School Picture Day: Volunteer Photographers Helping To Preserve Childhood Memories

Cyd Hoskinson

School picture day Friday at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary on Jacksonville’s Northside was thanks to the generosity of professional photographer Charles Sutton and two volunteers.

Sutton said when he heard that more than two dozen Duval County public schools canceled picture day this year because too few families had signed up, he knew he had to help.

“My heart went out to the parents and the students because I’ve been in that situation where I haven’t had photographs of my kids for stuff,” Sutton said,  “and I couldn’t see them going without.

"I had to volunteer and here I am.”

Sutton charged students a dollar each for a digital school photo.

Plus, he said, he’s working on setting up a foundation to make sure no Duval County student will go without a school picture because of the cost.

Sutton said he and other photographers will be at John Love Elementary School on Monday.