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Faith Matters: The Religious Minority Experience In Jacksonville

Jacksonville is seen as a religiously diverse city with many faiths represented. However, Christianity accounts for 94.4 percent of the religiously identified population.

What is it like for those in the other 5.6 percent?

On this edition of Faith Matters, hosts Kyle Reese and Nancy Broner explore what it means to be in the religious minority in Jacksonville, and hear from health care and military professionals about serving populations of multiple faiths.

We first look at complex nature medical doctors face caring for patients from many different religious and cultural backgrounds while navigating their own faiths. Dr. Mobeen Rathore director of the University of Florida Center for HIV/AIDS Research, Education and Service, and Dr. Reetu Grewal, with UF Baymeadows Family Medicine and Pediatrics, join us.

Then we speak with Navy Chaplain Dan Stallard, incoming regional chaplain for Commander Navy Region Southeast, about ?ministering to a variety of religious commitments and perspectives among service members.

And a panel of community members joins us to discuss their experiences being a religious minority in Jacksonville: Sonny Bhikha, local hotel owner and a member of the Hindu faith; Matt Potter, UNF student and Human Secularist; and Dr. Elliott Rosenbaum, clinical psychologist and a member of the Orthodox Jewish faith.