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Virginia Schools Seek Teachers On Public Radio

Norfolk Public Schools

Schools in Norfolk, Virginia, need teachers, but a public radio campaign to attract unemployed educators from other parts of the country has not been the success the district was counting on.

The school system contracted as an underwriter on WJCT and other public radio stations in Sarasota, Detroit, Mich. and Pittsburgh, Pa. to air an audio classified ad that began:

“Norfolk public schools in Virginia is looking for licensed teachers. Administrators will be interviewing teachers in several different content areas and grade levels. Instructions on the district’s website at”

According to Norfolk schools human resources coordinator Dr. Jacqueline Wilson, the public announcement aired in communities where teachers had been laid off.  It’s a good deal, Wilson says, especially for teachers with at least three years in the classroom.

“There is reciprocity and you don’t have to acquire a provisional license, it’s a full five year license. Those that do not have at least 3-or-4 years of teaching experience, they are eligible for a provisional license but they must take the assessments.”

Salaries range from $41,000 to $54,000 per year, based on experience. Wilson says the district still has nearly three-dozen K-12 teaching positions left to fill.