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StateImpact: Fewer Support Staff In Florida Public Schools


There are fewer custodians and support staff in Florida public schools than there were in 2007.

A StateImpact Florida analysis of jobs in Florida public schools shows that while full-time staffing is almost back to pre-recession levels, one group of employees hasn’t come back: the support staff.

Since the recession began, Florida’s public school budgets have been hit with more than $2 billion dollars in cuts from state and federal funding, decreased property tax revenue and sequestration. StateImpact has been following the resulting layoffs and hard choices in schools across the state.

Some of the funding has since been restored. Full-time instructor positions have inched back to pre-recession levels.

But at the start of last school year there were still about 15,000 fewer full-time jobs in Florida public schools than there were in 2007. Almost all of those jobs — 99.5% — are support staff positions. Custodians, secretaries, classroom aides—there just aren’t as many people filling those roles anymore.

Click here to see a breakdown of year-to-year full-time employment numbers in Florida public schools from StateImpact Florida.

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