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First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross

Teens Avoid Supervision With New Social Media Hangouts

The South Carolina Association of School Librarians/Flickr

Teens are constantly looking for new social media platforms that their parents may not know about yet.

That's according to Leah Goodwyne, communications director at Jacksonville-based child advocacy group Daniel Kids Foundation, and Florida State College at Jacksonville Communications Professor Rawlslyn Francis. They spoke with First Coast Connect host Melissa Ross.

Francis said teens are looking for what's cool now, which in most cases means what mom and dad may not know about.

This trend has lead to the recent emergence of a rapidly growing social media site, where people can ask you any question they want and remain anonymous. 

A kidnapped California teenager recently took to to answer questions about her week long ordeal.

The account was disabled, but the posts remained long enough for the Associated Press to confirm they were from the victim.

"Students put posts that they want to plagiarize assignments on Twitter," said Francis. "They leave their private lives in the open."   

Goodwyne said teens should be mindful of what they post since the digital record can never be completely erased.

Rawlslyn Francis had this advice for parents; be in the know, recognize trends, and understand them.