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Following Traffic Deaths, St. Johns And Jax Cyclists Press For Solutions

St. Johns County

A string of fatal bicycling accidents are coming as no surprise to the First Coast cycling community, where biking is typically viewed as a dangerous activity.

Jacksonville is one of the least bike and pedestrian friendly cities in the country, and a recent study found at least 60 bike crashes in St. Johns County over the last two years.

The tension between drivers and cyclists is only expected to increase as cycling continues to grow in popularity.  As some cyclists ignore traffic laws, studies have found in multiple states that drivers are at fault in more than half of cycling deaths. 

Nearly a million Americans now commute to work on a bicycle. How can the nation and the First Coast make that commute safer?

Heather Neville, executive director of the Velo Fest Community Initiative, and Matt Uhrig of Bike Jax joined Melissa Ross for more on making cycling safer on the First Coast.

You can follow Melissa Ross on Twitter @MelissainJax.

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