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Garden Club of Jacksonville To Show Orchids Large And Small

Guillaume Paumier
Wikimedia Commons

If you’re a lover of flowers, or simply an agricultural enthusiast, the Garden Club of Jacksonville may be the place for you this weekend.The club will be holding an orchid show from 5-10 a.m. Saturday and Sunday showcasing variations of different orchid displays.

With 800 different species of orchids in the world and over 100,000 hybrids, the show will hold small floral arrangements as well as larger saucer-sized Vandas.

“You’ll have some excellent, gorgeous displays of orchids,” said Garden Club spokesman Keith Hall.

Attendees can not only walk the grounds but purchase the re-potted orchids for a small fee. According to Hall, it’s important to note that this exotic flower is not a ground terrestrial, but aerial which grows in leaf mold or on trees where they are exposed to air. 

"You have to know what they grew like in nature and try to imitate those conditions,” Hall said.

Hall, who is from Minnesota, always admired the orchid but it wasn't until he visited the Orchid Jungle in Homestead, Florida that he began to raise them.

Admission to the orchid show is free. For more information call the Garden Club of Jacksonville at (904) 355-4224 or visit

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