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ONLY IN FLORIDA: Too Big To Jail, Putting Stolen Money Where Your Mouth Is, And Infant Infractions

Keyth Mishaw

Whether young, obese, or hungry, you can't fight the law in this week's edition of ONLY IN FLORIDA.ONLY IN FLORIDA do 2-year-olds get stopped for speeding.

Za'Dariyah Mishaw was cruising through the parking lot of her Jacksonville condo complex in a toy convertible when she saw blue lights approaching from the rear.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office officers stopped Mishaw for traffic infractions. They happened to be in the area for a criminal investigation.

She was apparently excited about the experience, telling her parents she wants to pay the $4 ticket. (First Coast News)

ONLY IN FLORIDA to jilted boyfriends eat hundreds of dollars of stolen cash while being pursued by police.

Florida Keys resident Leosvel Parrado took his girlfriend’s wallet after an argument. It was stuffed with $750 dollars in cash.

Deputies arrested Parrado and attempted to find the money when they noticed him in the back seat chewing on a mouthful of greenbacks. They also found some bills stashed in his underwear.

They only ended up recovering about $277 of the $750 his girlfriend said he stole. (NBC Miami)

ONLY IN FLORIDA do guys try to get out of jail by arguing they’re just too fat to be behind bars.

James Olivos, 47, told a judge down in Orlando that he is too morbidly obese to survive time in prison.

Olivos was recently convicted in a multi-million dollar mortgage fraud scheme, a very Florida crime. (UPI)

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