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Tech Tuesday: Deemable Tech Special Coming To WJCT

Deemable Tech

If you look forward to the few minutes of Deemable Tech that air each week on WJCT, you'll love what the guys are bringing to the station starting this weekend.

The first of four quarterly hour-long Deemable Tech radio special airs Sunday, March 30 on WJCT.

You'll be able to join hosts Ray Hollister and Tom Braun as they answer your questions about computers, smartphones and "anything that plugs into the wall and has a battery."

They'll also debunk a few myths you see on Facebook, talk about some of their favorite travel-related apps, and more.

Ray Hollister and Tom Braun joined Melissa Ross on this week's Tech Tuesday segment to preview the special.

Hollister and Braun have been doing a bi-weekly Deemable Tech podcast for two years, and their Ask Deemable Tech segment, first aired on WJCT, has also been picked up for broadcast on other local stations.

"It has really grown a lot," Hollister said. "It's been a lot of fun to see the interest that other people have taken into it that they enjoy this and they come to us now with their questions."

Hollister explained the idea for the name of the show came from his time working at the Internal Revenue Service.

"It means considerable," Hollister said.

"Like something worthy to be considered," Braun added.

Hollister said the common use of the word in the financial world is "deemable income," meaning something that isn't necessarily income but could be considered as income. 

You can hear Deemable Tech at and Ask Deemable Tech on Thursdays during Morning Edition on WJCT.

You can follow Melissa Ross on Twitter @MelissainJax and Patrick Donges @patrickhdonges.