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First Coast Connect

02/09/15: Net Neutrality; Aortic Aneurysms; Fitness In Hemming Park; Cole Pepper

Shannon LeDuke

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler has proposed sweeping new regulations governing broadband Internet service. The FCC will vote on the proposal later this month. The measure would guarantee what is known as net neutrality by banning broadband companies from discriminating between different content providers based on how much they can pay. We speak with Ray Hollister and Tom Braun, the hosts of WJCT's technology podcast Deemable Tech.

Erin M. Moore, chief of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery at Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville, joins us to discuss steps for detecting and preventing aortic aneurysms.

We also speak with Brenton Graham, president of the local nonprofit JaxFit, about the new free workout classes being offered in downtown's Hemming Park.

And our sports contributor Cole Pepper joins us with the outcome of the Jacksonville Armada's first match this weekend against the Philadelphia Union, college basketball news and more.

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Sean Birch joined the WJCT team in late 2011 and was with the company until 2016.