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First Coast Connect

5/11/2017: Food Trucks; Opioid Alternatives; 'This Is My Brave'; Turtle Crawl

  Thursday on “First Coast Connect,” we discussed the possibility of new legislation that would affect food trucks in Jacksonville with the head of Jax Truckies Chriss Brown (1:05). We spoke with Dr. Virgil Wittmer (24:55) from Brooks Rehabilitation about alternatives to using opioids. Founder and president of Where Is The Sunshine, Jeanine Hoff, and Kerry Speckman (37:35) spoke about their upcoming stage show “This is My Brave,” and Nancy Kring Rowan (44:12) with the Jekyll Island Authority told us about this weekend’s Turtle Crawl. 

Food Trucks

Local food truck owners in downtown Jacksonville say they’re ready to fight against any further regulation of their business. Tensions are rising again between the urban core’s brick and mortar restaurants, and food trucks that populate the downtown area during the lunch hour. A workshop hosted by City Councilman Scott Wilson was held Wednesday at City Hall. The Jacksonville City Council passed an ordinance in 2014 which brokered an uneasy truce between the two camps. This is an issue cities across the country have grappled with raising questions about free enterprise, foodie culture, urban planning and more.

Opioid Alternatives  

Brooks Rehabilitation is on the front lines of treating patients with opioid addiction- with their pain rehab program. The primary goals of this intensive day treatment program are reducing pain, improving mood, and enhancing physical function that allows our patients to learn to control their pain rather than being controlled by pain. The pain rehabilitation team also assists in reducing patient use of opiate medications, which can cause serious problems including addition and death is not handled properly.  

‘This Is My Brave’   

It’s a nationally renowned show that features locals living with mental illness. “This is My Brave” is May 20 at Friday Musicale. The performance features true stories from individuals living successfully with mental illness.

Turtle Crawl

Jekyll Island’s picturesque oceanfront, maritime forest, and flat terrain make the barrier island a runner’s dream. Since 2003, Jekyll Island has hostedTurtle Crawl, a weekend of races to benefit theGeorgia Sea Turtle Center.

Runners from around the world travel to Jekyll for the two USA Triathlon-sanctioned triathlons. The International Distance Triathlon and the Sprint Distance as well as the 5K and 10K races. The full weekend event is kicking off Friday.

Producer Kevin Meerschaert can be reached at, 904-358-6334 or on Twitter at @KMeerschaertJax


Kevin Meerschaert has left WJCT for new pursuits. He was the producer of First Coast Connect until October of 2018.