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First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross

10/30/2018: Matt Caldwell; Latest UNF Poll; 'End Of Policing'

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Matt Caldwell

With just one week to go until the November midterm election, voters in Florida are turning out already to early vote, and many are motivated by the races at the top of the ticket, for governor and senator.

But there are some other important races on the ballot.

Two candidates are vying to replace Adam Putnam as the state’s next agriculture commissioner, who also oversees the state’s Division of Consumer Services, managing everything from gun regulation to the do not call list.

Recently we interviewed Democratic agriculture commissioner candidate Nikki Fried. Today, we welcomed her opponent, Republican state Rep. Matt Caldwell.

Caldwell is finishing his term-limited eight years representing Lee County in the Florida House.

UNF Poll

A new poll out this week from UNF has the latest numbers on that race for ag commissioner, along with where the voters stand on who they’ll choose for governor, senator and more. Mike Binder, who runs UNF’s Public Opinion Research Lab, joined  us to break down the results. More on the poll here.

'The End of Policing' 

Recent years have seen an explosion of protests in America against police brutality and repression —most dramatically in Ferguson, Missouri, where long-held grievances erupted in violent demonstrations following the police killing of Michael Brown.

Among activists, journalists, and politicians, the conversation about how to respond and improve policing has focused on accountability, diversity, training, and community relations. But one author says these reforms will not produce results, either alone or in combination. Alex Vitale, professor at Brooklyn College and the author of The End of Policing, says the core of the problem must be addressed: the nature of modern policing itself.

Arboretum Fundraiser

Spirits Under the Sun is a chance to enjoy food and drinks from some of the city’s most popular restaurants and take in one of the city’s most beautiful hidden gems, and it’s coming up this weekend at the Jacksonville Arboretum. Executive Director Diane Machaby joined us to talk about the fundraiser, which runs from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 3, at the arboretum, located at 1440 Millcoe Road.

Photo used under Creative Commons license.