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First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross

Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Allegations; Fethullah Gulen; Going Green

File of students assemblng for Mass at St. Bernard School in Mt. Lebanon, Pa.

On this episode of First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross, we examined the allegations of sexual abuse against the Catholic Church.

Over a year ago, a statewide investigation was launched into the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests. This has allowed for victims to come forward and share their stories of past abuse.

However, many local Catholics feel their diocese is not being proactive enough in handling the scandal. Joe Lowry, Vice President of the Coalition of Concerned Catholics, joined us to discuss the issue further. Kathleen Bagg, Director of Communications at the Diocese of St. Augustine called in to offer her perspective on the situation.

Fethullah Gulen

Religious leader, Fethullah Gulen, is an internationally known Turkish Cleric who is living in exile in the United States. Gulen has been credited with inspiring a global movement dedicated to scholarships and social enterprises. Author Jon Pahl joined us to discuss Gulen’s story and tell us about his book,  Fethullah Gulen: A Life of Hizmet.

Going Green

Christina Kelcourse, the Executive Director of the Northeast Florida Green Chamber of Commerce told us about the chamber's Green Tie Affair. The Green Chamber is debuting the Green Marketplace, an online directory of green businesses.