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First Coast Connect

Media Roundtable: Coronavirus Impact On The First Coast; The Man In Overalls

Friday roundtable (clockwise from right) Angela Spears, Claire Goforth, Shelton Hull, and Karen Mathis.

On Friday's First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross Media Roundtable, Claire Goforth guest-hosted. This week we discussed how the First Coast is being impacted and is preparing for the coronavirus. We also had The Man in Overalls with some tips on growing and harvesting tomatoes.

Editor's Note: Later in the day after this episode aired, Mayor Lenny Curry announced all city-owned public facilities are being shutdown and the indefinite suspension of gatherings and events in city-owned facilities. 

Our guest were:

The Man in Overalls

Nathan Bellantine, The Man in Overalls, with tomatoes

Nathan Bellantine, also known as The Man in Overalls, is a local gardening consultant and educator with a blog. Over the last decade, he’s helped hundreds of locals realize their dream of green or green-ish thumb. 

Nathan started growing food since he was 8-years-old. He uses his knowledge to design environmental and human-focused strategies to help people grow different food in the least amount of space possible.

Friday we discussed tomatoes, including how to prevent bugs from eating them and how to properly water and fertilize. We also covered when and where to plant and how much space you need to grow your groceries.

Amanda Brannon can be reached at, 904-358-6317.

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